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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Very Beginning

In August 1979 Maharishi urged us to continue the SuperRadiance generated by the Amherst, MA course. More than that -- He wanted the first Sidhaland community to be set up in Fairfield, Iowa, the home of Maharishi International University. When He asked for a show of hands of those who would move, I thought -- no way. Financially impossible for me to move! I did a mental recollection of the town I was familiar with after numerous courses ("ATRs") at MIU. The only meditator business was located near MIU -- The Crest Jewel. On 2nd Street there was a restaurant/drive-in (now Amoco); across the street a Toyota dealership (now Everybody's). The square: Walkers Office Supply, Mayn's Market (now Thai Deli), Seifert's, Lee Gobble's Clothing, Buckboard Annies, Paradise Donut Shop (now Health and Wholeness - definitely more healthy fare!), a few professional offices. West of the square on Burlington St. there was Jack n' Jill Grocery (now Hy-Vee Drugtown), Sizzlin' Sams (now Pizza Ranch), Pizza Hut, Ben Franklin/Easters, Pamida/Hy-Vee. Yep, I remember a sleepy little town -- not even a McDonalds. My fast Chicago-style stride was out of place with the Fairfielders strolling on the square. And most importantly -- there were probably no jobs in Fairfield.

When I got back to Chicago I got a call from my friend Zen Pochodenko who offered to drive us to Fairfield and sponsor me on what would become the Creating Coherence Course ("CCP") for two months -- on the condition we would leave for Fairfield the next day. Fortunately I had already boxed up my belongings in Evanston. For no apparent reason and to the shock of my roommate Dawn Bothie I had packed EVERYTHING up BEFORE going to Amherst! I was ready to go.

So in spite of my financial misgivings, we found ourself in Fairfield the next day. We went straight to MIU where there were a handful of others, like us, who had come to start Sidhaland. MIU had not heard of these new plans. It took much wringing of hands and nashing of teeth, but after a long wait we did get assigned rooms in the MIU student pods.

Zen and I walked through the campus quad as we went back to his car. Beautiful Parsons Hall and Chapel where we would soon attend our evening meetings. Down the hill behind the Student Union was the Fieldhouse where sheets would soon divide it down the center and it would become the first Flying Hall. Zen and I looked at each other and laughed. This was crazy -- CRAZY! But Maharishi wanted us here?! Certainly he knew better than either of us. Maybe this Sidhaland experiment would work out after all....But How?

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